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You may ask why we entitled this section “what we do – what we don’t do”. Through the years, the real estate market has changed much and buying a house abroad isn’t an investment connected to the pure ‘buen retiro’ anymore; it is a high interest process for people who want a diversification of their investments portfolio or need to open a new innovative one.

Buying a house abroad: watchword innovation

Innovation is the starting point of our work; our company commits itself, day by day, to exploit the potential of the web and of the newest IT tools. This important premise allows us to explain the core of our work: the personalized consultancy.

Modern times are chaotic and the web allows us to use many tools, in order to achieve a real and truthful knowledge on the nature of the investments.

Our company does not sell real estates abroad; it helps clients buying a house abroad.

We often imagine ourselves as a bridge, connecting the wish to make a good investment to the possibility of doing it, changing it into a happy and positive reality. This is Gs Luxury&Tourism mission; this is what we do for our clients in Italy.

Going back to the initial claim, we do not sell real estates abroad.

We help clients buying a house abroad, giving them information through a precise, highly professional and reliable consultancy service.

The responsible investor can use the time at his disposal choosing to rely on a consultant, if he already has a good knowledge of the real estate investments abroad market. The responsible can ask for what really matters to him, saving time and energy, receiving a service in line with his expectations. Finally, the responsible investor is aware that he has encountered people who can really help him changing his dream of a lifetime into reality or getting a profitable economic investment.

Our mission is to offer highly professional consultancies, based on years of work in the field, and to recognize the most appropriate proposals, taking into account the clients’ requests. Our wish is to make the bridge increasingly solid, create a relationship of mutual trust and offer a service that is unique in Italy, as it comes from a deep knowledge of the dynamics related to buying a house abroad.