Luxury & Tourism


When we think about a house abroad, we often imagine it as a thatched hut, on the seashore, and the sea has crystal waters. This image can come true; however, our consultancy goes further.

Investments linked to real estates abroad can be very different: they can involve accommodations for emerging social classes in countries of great interest, such as Brazil, or accommodations for people who decide to live their retirement in countries which have more favourable health and lifestyle conditions, such as Boa Vista.

Real estate investments abroad: Property Finding

The consultancy proposed by Luxury&Tourism is based on the Property Finding, which has positively shaked the rules of real estate, deleting the word “static” from the real estate dictionary, and adding the word “dynamic”. The dynamism of this service is connected to the “client focus”.

Potential properties go round the clients, not the contrary. In this inverse relationship, the real estate agency takes care of the person who wants to buy, no more of the person who wants to sell. Positions take a new direction and priorities change.

Our consultancies are the bridge that creates this interplay, as they work on the aim of the purchase and on the linked expectations. Gianluca Santacatterina will help clients starting the selection of the properties present in the market, making a survey of the ones that might correspond to the requested characteristics.

Only the most satisfying solutions will be proposed to the client’s attention, according to the initial requests. We will also take into account the technical, legal and economic aspects, the pros and cons of every solution.

In the last phase the technical, legal and economical aspects will be examined, under the profile of profitability, durability and increase of the commercial value, involving, if necessary, our trusted and highly qualified professionals (surveyors, architects, renovation companies), or anyone suggested by the client.