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About | Gianluca Santacatterina

Luxury & Tourism has been dealing with investments in real estate abroad since 2005. Our company was born within the “Oriental Coast” project in Marsa Alam (Egypt), to propose housing units. In two years’ time, we have developed the project, changing it into the most impotant real estate investment in the world, after the Coral Bay in Sharm El Sheik. The “Oriental Coast” project has become a reason to rejoice for the people who believed in it, and it was an important starting point in the building of our brand reputation.

Investments in real estate abroad: the professional basis

Thanks to the first real estate investments, we were able to throw the basis of a strong profession and build, day by day, an expertise that can deal with investments in real estate abroad. We have come a long way since then; at present, our company operates internationally and has its head office in London. Our corporate philosophy has its basis on the willingness to propose a particular kind of investment, still little known in Italy; this proposal needs to be approached considering the present, and should be read in a far-sighted way.

The investment does not involve only one country or destination, as it often happens, but works on multiple locations, in order to differentiate the offer and propose clients different solutions, during the investment phase.

Currently we are the only company in Italy that proposes such a varied high-level service, and our professionalism has been achieved through years of experience, continuous site surveys and thanks to the ability to understand the markets from the inside.

Investments in real estate abroad: far-sightedness and knowledge

Our mission is to make the client feel comfortable, offering him the right investment solution, according to his expectations and personal and economic needs. The reasons that can get people to invest in real estate abroad are many, and varied; our task is to understand the personal needs of people, proposing different options that have a common thread: safety and far-sightedness.

Luxury&Tourism has an efficient and structured team, which works both in the national and international area. High-skilled professionals, together with experts such as lawyers and accountants, give the Italian client all the documents and information that are necessary to start precise, valuable and safe real estate investments abroad.

Innovation, speed and far-sightedness: these are the main features of Luxury&Tourism; our company works with immediate means, suppressing geographical distances, willing to inform the people interested about real estate investments abroad in a modern, easy and positive way. The tools we use to increase our clients’ knowledge on the real estate market abroad are webinars, information on the company blog and a weekly newsletter.

Gianluca Santacatterina: CEO of Luxury&Tourism, he has gained valuable experience in real estate in Italy. In 1994, he created the Santacatterina Studio, dealing with heritage property management services, apartment block administration and real estate brokerage. In 2006, he decided to specialize in real estate investments abroad and take advantage of the knowledge acquired, applying it in a lively sector. Luxury&Tourism is unique and, thanks to its niche market, Gianluca and his team were able to refine their professional skills and to become one of the leading experts in real estate abroad. In the latest years, Gianluca has been collaborating with several companies which sell properties, as a strategic marketing and communication consultant, and he has been writing columns on Italian and international portals and magazines. He also works with SIDA Group, national training centre for engineers and architects. Gianluca collaborates with associations of lawyers and accountants, which ask him to inform and protect their clients, through press conferences or private consultancy. He is a real estate abroad coach, specialized in real estate investments abroad.